Scorpio meaning horoscope


THE Zodiacal Sign of Scorpio commences on October 21st, but for seven days it does not come into its full power until on or about October 28th. Prom this date onwards it is in full strength until November “20th and is then for seven days gradually losing its strength on account of becoming overlapped by the “cusp” of the incoming sign – Sagittarius.

Symbols for Scorpio are the scorpion, a ground-dwelling killer with a poisonous sting in its tail and the eagle, a far-seeing predator soaring above petty problems into the spiritual sky.

People born in this section of the year seem to be filled with inherent contradiction. The best and the worst seem to make this period their chosen battlefield.

Up to nearly twenty years of age they are usually extremely pore-minded, virtuous, and religious, but once their nature is roused they are often found to swing in the opposite direction. At the same time the greatest saints have been found in this period.

People who were born in this section of the year have great magnetic power, and as speakers appeal to the emotions and sentiments of their public more than to logic, but they sway their audiences as they choose. They are the searchers of the zodiac and have an insatiable desire for knowledge on every level. From spiritual and intellectual revelations, these people want the edge on everybody else.

In dangerous situations and in sudden crises they remain cool and very determined. Many of the very best surgeons have been found in this period. Representatives of this sign often become workaholics. They drive themselves hard, and usually drive others unmercifully. They despise weakness in themselves or in others.

Their worst fault is that they are too adaptable to the people with whom they come in contact.

They always lead double lives one for the eyes of the world and another for themselves.

In business and politics they have clever ideas, but they are best as advisers of others. One of their main problems is that they have a habit to “put off things until tomorrow.

Such people usually excel in settling other people’s quarrels and bringing enemies together to shake hands.

They have incredible personal magnetism, so no other class of people makes more friends or have more enemies than those born in this period, but their strong personality carries them through like a resistless wave.

The sex quality plays a vital part in their lives. The women attract men and the men attract women; but in cases where the will and ambition are dominant these people can control their strong sex-natures. Relationships are a kind of mystery for them so anyone involved with them must prepare for profound changes in themselves, their mysterious partner and the relationship itself. Usually these people are interested in marriage and long-term commitment. To an avarage Scorpio, love is an intensely passionate and enduring emotion that may be directed at one person only.

People in this Sign should, above all, be encouraged to have ambition, for it is the one thing that will save them; for it they mil make any sacrifice or deny themselves any pleasure, and so accomplish more work than any other class.

In general they need to dominate relationships and rarely display their true feelings even at the most open and communicative moments. Although this people may not intentionally set out to be mysterious, they manage to appear enigmatic anyway. They hate being crossed or manipulated, and can react to such treatment with sarcasm and vengefulness.

In their home life the men are inclined to be dogmatic, and expect to rule; but their influence over women is so great that they are almost always forgiven.

Sooner or later, they generally become interested in occult matters, they readily develop unusual clairvoyant powers, and quite often gain fame and distinction as writers, painters or poets. They are natural philosophers, deep students of Nature, and observe and analyze other persons’ characters better than any other class.

Usually persons born in this sign have, or make, two sources of income. They often have to go through a great deal of trouble, difficulty and sooner or later success and fame nearly always find them.

Scorpio – The Sign of the Scorpion

When we speak about the representatives of the Scorpio’s sign , we recollect unusual people with difficult or even tragical destiny. Even if Scorpio by birth is on the top of a social ladder, he often doomed to live suffering as it was, for example, with the wife of French king, Louis. She was hanged. There is such quality incorporated in the personality of this sign that is not peculiar for any other. It is self-destruction. That is strange enough, but it is a way of his development and realizations in this life.


These people as a rule only has a few friends and expects loyalty from them. They will find their most lasting friendships with people born in their own period and between June 21 and July 20-27, from February 19 to March 20-27.


These people as a rule are very slight and thin in their early years, but put on weight and are inclined to corpulence after reaching middle life. Scorpio rules the reproductive organs and excretory system, so those with Scorpio active in their charts suffer headaches, infections and fevers, along with various illnesses to do with what used to be called the secret parts. Later the heart is also inclined to be their weakest organ, and they should be careful not to overstrain it in exercise, or in work.


The colors most suitable for persons of this period are all shades of crimson and blue


The birth stones for this period are the turquoise, the ruby, and all red stones.


80 thoughts on “SCORPIO

  1. Wow! Amazing this fits my boyfriend exaztly. In fact, his b-day is on October 28th. He is so mysterious…I’m dealing with a broken hearted man almost two yrs ago for him. I’ve been so patient for him because I know he’s the one and I love him more than I’ve ever loved before.

  2. My lover is also a scorpio. Im a cappy and i never really cared much for love until i met him. He changed my whole life DRAMATICALLY because still i cant exactly describe what it is about him that swept me off my feet!

  3. Well im a scorpio and im being completely serious being a scorpio is like unexplainable to put it in a nutshell its unrealistic . Like no cockiness at all but if i want sumthing more like sum 1 ill get em . No matter wat . And the weirdest part is my eyes its like i feel this kind of hypnotizing feeling wen i look sum 1 in the eyes its so sexual and pretty much how to seal the deal and after i do that enuff times its a wrapp .honestly i cant lie its kinda scary b4 i knew anything about bein a scorpio id always say i think im psychic i knew that was gonna happen or i have a gut feeling im not goin and its always right . But sumtimes they make us seem scary maybe sum others but im very loving and i care sumtimes too much about people i barely know . I would give my own life for a child ive never seen .or give my last dollor to sum i kno needs it . Even if i need it . And if we do sumthing selfish its like not intentional at all idk its deff diffrent 100% takes a scorpio to understand .

  4. Well, i’m a scorp too, an Asian one. I never actually paid attention to the zodiac before but no sooner had i begun searching about it than i couldn’t say things the other way, especially the eyes. First i thought there must be something wrong with my eyes cos they provoked negative feelings in others as i made eye contact with them, they did not say that but i could feel it. Sometimes it’s hard for me (and maybe for other scorps, i’m sure of it) to actually develop a relationship through communication with the eye contact. I have a feeling that the opposite person has a tendency to shy away from me cos my eyes are too sharp when i attentively look at them in conversations, perhaps?????

    • @Angie, it’s true. Scorpio eyes are magnetic. Scorpio eyes are attractive and innocent. I met a girl on a tour and started to find out why this lady caught my eyes and not the others in our tour group. Later found out her FB and through there found her BD and her zodiac. Wow..a scorpio lady.
      The first eyes contact was wonderful. Never in my life someone gave me that kind of looks especially I am an ordinary man.
      After done some research, then I know why.
      It really give me a boost in my inner soul as a fellow human being and felt like kind of alive again…that feeling I will never forget.
      So next time you do that, do not feel bad or wrong…It’s a godsend if you have those eyes. 🙂
      P/S :- use it wisely, guess you know that

    • I’m a scorpio and I am constantly told that my eyes are beautiful and seem to draw people/strangers to me. Large irises that actually change from green to blue (and back again) and is not associated with what I am wearing. You can usually tell a scorpio by their eyes.

    • yes, i understand completely, used to feel exactly the same but have come to the conclusion that i dont like to look people in the eyes because i know their weaknesses and cant disguise that….they no i no! And I don’t want to hurt them….people do shy away from looking at me. If scorpio’s are indeed the strongest, its because we are the only sign that knows our own weaknesses and also knos we are all the same, and therefore can use that to our own advantage, normally seen at its most potent when at war with someone. We have ability to cut someone to shreads if we think they need it…..(the sting is in the tail)

    • @angie I was JUST thinking that today. Finally figured it out. Why did I ALWAYS get this feeling that I was making people uncomfortable when I was paying attention to them, and hence, looking at them? Well, cuz our eyes are INTIMIDATING. We don’t mean to at all. But, also I found that the people who can stand our gaze, are the ones we fall for HARD. We develop intimacy almost purely with our eyes.

  5. yuppppp .. A scorpions personality is unexplainable and no-one can understand about their thinking by seeing to their face, thier facial expressions are un-undestandable, they’ve a magnetic personality… by seeing in their it seems that ther are hipnotizing…

  6. This is true in many aspects. I’m Scorpio and hoping to become an artist like you say we are good painters, I’m in college and I fully over work myself to get all my art work done, I don’t get home till late as I’m stuck in art! And everything about Scorpios eyes is true. My eyes are blue/grey/green and have weird patterns. There’s a dark ring around the iris and I always get comments saying there weird or really nice! Everybody notices them! Also the parts about Scorpios curves is true with me swell, big boobs bum and hips is all me aha

  7. I am a Scorpio, to tell ya the truth I don’t much care for anyone. It takes much much time for me to trust or respect anyone, or even like them. I have but 5 friends I’d die for. And not one of them has ever looked me in the eyes. On dates or bad days I wear dark sunglasses I don’t much care for ppl looking into my eyes.

  8. Very interesting details you have remarked, appreciate it for putting up.

  9. i am a scorpio and i love being one but one thing that i hate is being sensitive. it seems like no one appreciates that trait about us. My best friend for for years now basically just brushed my feelings off and said “O she’s just being sensitive” i never boo-hoo cried to her , or even bitched about small things that was always her coming to me with her problems … but me being the sensitive ,caring person i am , i gave her my ear, and a shoulder to cry on …. what do i get in return?
    my heart smashed to the floor.

    and our eyes i love the magnetic field that lures our prey in lol.
    except i can never keep a strong gaze with the guy i like why is that?

    • its ok for us scorpios to be sensitive thats part of our power thats what makes scorpios the most powerful if people don’t like that then there not worth your time

    • I guess you’re not the only scorpio who got that, I just had the same thing with my “supposed to be” best friend, I used to call her all the time and ask for her, i was there when she needed me, but when i needed her (i lost my dad last year) she just texted me twice, but i was okey with it after a while. than after 6 months, i call her, her phone was off…I sent her an email then she told me she was in another country to study for some sort of diploma :/ and then said: “don’t be pissed off pleaaasee” . I was like WTF!! (13 years of friendship…all gone away!

    • hi i am also a scorpio too and i agree the things you wrote up. i was hurt and betrayed because of my sensitive and friendly nature. and i decided to change myself and i did as well. I really have nice, lovely and friendly habit towards my family,relatives and my best friend but really rigid habits to my classmates and outer world. Sometimes i feel myself as very different and false girl. And sometimes hate myself being born to this world.

    • your shy which is another facinatinglycontradictive trait of the scorpio\

      • I get you. I’m not a super femanine girl, but one day, to school, I decided to wear a dress because why not, right? Another very true thing is how we hate people who are fake. So my friend is being exactly that. Fake. Not herself. So anyways, I come to school with the dress on and a necklace, plus my sneakers because I had no other shoes. My friend looks at me and says “Your shoes are the best part of your outfit.”
        Now, I was crushed. I got all dressed up and I felt really pretty and nice, and my friend totally disses me. I kinda laughed and nodded my head, but I was really upset on the inside.

    • You don’t want to be exposed.

    • Same as me. If I’m attracte to someone, can’t look in their eyes.

  10. Well I am a scorpio guy… And I dnt like every one looking into my eyes… But I noticed that more or less every one used to get a direct eye contact with me.. For few days it was gr8.. But after sum days I keep my eyes low down and I dnt usually make direct eye contact..:D
    I feel really very shy in gals lukin in my eyes..

  11. I’m 100% Scorpio. It’s in the eyes. We can win you or sting you. It’s hard to explain. Scorpio’s simply have a mystic power and by instinct we use it to win you or crush you.

  12. I am a girl scorpio its soounds like to like they described me quite well. i really dont like nosy people or buga boo’s; like really curiosity killed the cat. im shy when you frist meet me but if you know how to get on my good side and you can make me laugh and not get on my nerves then i guess we can be friends.

  13. I’m a girl Scorpio it sounds like they described me quite well. I really don’t like noisy or buga boo’s people and I’m shy when I first meet you but if you know how to get on my good side and you can make me laugh and not bug me then I guess we can be friends.

  14. wow i’m a scorpio and i never tryed the whole eyes thing.but people are always trying to look in to my eyes but i never give them a chans cause i’m always looking away. I DO NOT LIKE PEOPLE LOOKING IN TO MY EYES it makes me feel like they’re invaiding my space!!!

  15. I LOVE BEING A SCORPIO AND I LOVE MY EYES but i rather keep my eyes to myself XD

  16. I am a scorpio gal and nobody likes me. They always say I look so serious and angry, even without trying. I have small but very penetrating eyes. I don’t make eye contact but I can view someone and their intentions using peripheral vision ^^

  17. This is the most accurate description of a scorpio I have ever seen.

  18. My boyfriend and I are both scorpios and ya nothing can break us. Were in love and we have two girls. Were pretty much the shit. Haha everything this says is true. I love it. Tlr, gec, zlg, zlc #ILoveMyFamily

  19. I’m in love with a scorpio man , love his eyes and every part of him thought I would never feel this much love for anyone. He can be very annoying but one look and he’s forgiven.

    • Oh!!! Thattz amazing me too i like eyes.. and the most attractive for me to a guy is the eyes.. andd im too serious and shy too.. and i love all the people who are familiar w/ me 100% ..even they hurts me forgiven but id nver forget wat they dd to me it makes me emotional and weak. I also watch their eyes to manage their feelings.. but wen somone lookn my eyes i cant look them in a longtime.. bcoz im shy and i cant speak them eyes to eyes. I love to speak wen theyre not lookn at me. And i love music too my eyes color is combined w/ black ring around my leds and a brown on its middle. Im in philippines im too careful too and im thoughtful not only my self but to all people who are familiar ..and i eant also peace. Im not comfortable w/ noisy place . I love know everything. Im smiling that some others hates. And also they suggest that i have a beautiful and brown eyes. I have only one bestfriend and the rest are not so close to me bcoz i hate their attitude being also generous i want to make people happy im happy birtday us november 2

  20. In their home life the men are inclined to be dogmatic, and expect to rule; but their influence over women is so great that they are almost always forgiven.

    Very sexist and misogynist rant! When will all these astrologers give up patriarchal attitudes derived from Hellenistic tradition?! Just because Scorpio men “have so great influence”, so they must have the dominion over women! Perfect! Typical sexism in the name of astrological signs!!! UGGH, I hate you, I despise your misogyny and pseudo-astrological idiocy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Screw the patriarchy!!!!!!!!

  21. This pretty much describes me perfectly and I really enjoyed reading all the comments.. Many things ring true. I am a Scorpio and I also have a really hard time making and keeping eye contact. I think it’s because it feels like they will know what I’m thinking, basically read my mind. I feel like my gaze will tell all. Especially if I’m attracted to a woman. Like she’ll know if she looks in my eyes. I guess that’s where the mysterious part comes in. I saw this girl at a concert with intense penetrating eyes, our eyes seemed magnetically attracted to one another. A rare occasion of that kind of eye contact, I want to find her again and talk to her, I wonder if she’s a Scorpio. Check out Michael Teachings on Old Souls, that describes me even more perfectly.

    • I think Scorpio FEELS exposed, but isn’t.

      • More than likely… because we always feel like pretty much everyone else is exposed to us. We just seem to forget that most people arent nearly as observant as we usually are.

  22. I have always got the your eyes make you look ticked from most people and I take forever to trust but this Taurus gal kept it up now I would die for her and my three best friends

  23. Wow all you these scorpios talking to one another Is great we need to let the world know how great a ppl we are nd not just the bad shit you hear all the time.
    I was born Nov.9th right in the middle nd from a child felt on a different level than the rest almost like supernatural abilities to see things in a way others couldnt to know the quality of a person by only knowing them for 10 seconds I mostly did this threw my eyes..Yes its true all Scorpios have the ability to dive in to someone soul to find the truth of that person hmm come to think of it I’ve done it with everyone I’ve met nd thats exactly why I have a small circle today. Trust nd other ppl is a quality I lack but I’m working on it but the one thing I love about a scorpio s out of all others we are the only ones that will go threw hell nd back to achieve greatness nd fight for what we believe in even if it involved dying to get there we are ready for whatever life may throw at us. A true Scorpio is humble ,powerful ,ambitious deep, passionate, and true.

    • wow. that is so crazy. your comment just blew my mind. I was also born on November 9. what year were you born? I was born 1993. but the things you said about how since you were a child you had that feeling and you see the world differently than others. and you can know everything about a person as soon as you meet them.. the eyes. oh my god. sorry I’m like borderline having a freak out cause thats me EXACTLY. i swear i have always been/felt that same exact way! thats so crazy we were born on the same day and we are the same!! i just recently got into astrology and i’ve been trying to research everything about scorpios and everything i read really relates to me. but this has got to be number 1.

      “from a child felt on a different level than the rest almost like supernatural abilities to see things in a way others couldnt to know the quality of a person by only knowing them for 10 seconds I mostly did this threw my eyes” ME. TOO.

    • i was born on november the 7 th 1997

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  28. This is a topic that’s close to my heart… Cheers! Where are your contact details though?

  29. I am a Scorpio and I’ve had several men tell me that they have fallen in love with me because of the way I looked at them. They have also told me that it is in my eyes and they can feel what I am feeling. I do have some psychic or 6th sense abilities but I can definitely tell the character of a person in 1 minute or less. I have no middle ground, I either love you with all my heart or I tolerate you. If you hurt me I will cut you out like cancer and forget that you ever existed. That is the personality of a Scorpio, for those I love I will give everything to them and I am loyal to the end. So if I love you it will be an amazing relationship but if I hate you….watch out!!!! I am vengeful and I can hold a grudge that will last until one of us dies. I am also very intense sexually, I love to have sex and dress up for my partner, I love to please him and excite him and to make him desire me.

    • I am a scorpio male a bit older than most here it seems. Nov. 7 of ’81 is when I was born. As of late I have been researching more about my zodiac sign in as I analyze my role in my recently failed marriage. One of the multitude of websites I have perused made mention of the fact that the scorpio will destroy him or herself to avoid defeat at all costs but will rise again stronger and better than before. This is an interesting take on my (our) personality. I will tell you that for me personally, it is absolutely spot on. In following with this blog and bringing together other points, let me add my experiences…none of which do anything to counter our reputations.
      First of all, at 32 years old I own my own company. Not a fold letters while you watch tv thing either. Almost seven figures worth of equipment, multiple employees, real estate, goverment contracts, bidding on projects a year or more in advance, etc. I started with one little used John Deere skid steer four years ago. I too have the “gut feelings” mentioned here. I have learned to trust them 1000%. Everytime. I am a calculating person; always analyzing every situation. Looking at every angle of an opportunity or finding the weak spot in the defenses of whatever is unfortunate enough to be in my way. Falseness and pretentiousness killed my marriage. My ex wife was a farmer’s daughter who earned an education and then a respectable paycheck. Through the course of this she forgot who she was and I began to resent her for it. Which brings us to the point of the eyes of scorpio. For the world, I wear my oakley sunglasses every single day. Where I go, my sunglasses go with me. It makes business conversations easier and is accepted given my profession. My ex got to the point where she couldn’t bear to look me in the eye as though she could see just below the surface the bubbling cauldron of frustration and disgust as it boiled over into hatred and rage. These emotions were displayed not in anger and definitely not in violence but simply through cold, harsh distance. Perhaps it was a subconscious means of self-preservation. I love that woman with the intensity of a thousand burning suns but not one tear has fell for the failure of this marriage. That would be akin to defeat and would expose emotions best kept under control mainly because they are no one else’s damn business.

      Now, this is not heart-broken drivel. Not in the least. These are my personal experiences and multiple facets of our collective personalities are illustrated through this post. Our need for privacy, our relentless drive, our “fuck you, I’m gonna win” attitude, the piercing nature of our eyes, our lack of tolerance for anything resembling false pretenses, our undeniable intuition, and our burning loyalty to those deserving.
      All of these facets of our personality have served me well thus far. I would not change a single one of them. For those of you who may struggle with some of these things, I will attest to the fact that you will learn to harness these traits through experience. Trust your “gut instincts” because they are correct every time. If someone cannot handle your eye contact, it is because they are weak and are intimidated. Find someone who can handle it. Then find someone who is turned on by it. That part will be intensely enjoyable for both of you. Best of luck to my fellow scorpios as you harness your powers.

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  31. We don’t trust easily, no, and most people are not trustworthy, so it’s rather difficult to find those that are. Those people have become my lifelong friends, a very small circle indeed. We are very deep and don’t deal well with those that are superficial or “shallow.” I’ve been told I’m a man magnet! Ha ha! However, I’ve yet to meet “the man” that can “handle” me. My passion and intensity has proven too much. It has made me very sad as I have so much to offer and feel as if I’m being “wasted,” especially from the sexual standpoint. Scorpio – sex = frustrated! lol I seem to attract and am attracted to Leos, highly compatible except for communication. Had my heart broken recently and was devastated and researching my Scorpio heritage has helped me understand why it’s been so hard on me. Still suffering but I will arise the eagle once again someday.

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  34. -That’s because we reveal so much of ourselves through our eyes. Letting someone gaze for too long can take away from our mysterious side leaving us feeling vulnerable. If we actually let someone see what’s written in our eyes someone usually ends up hurt. In my case, it’s mostly been myself. Our desire for a deeply romantic, loyal, unconditional life long commitment and connection to someone often takes over and we let potential partners see what’s inside only to end up hurt. I’ve realized this and can use the power of thought to let people see only what I choose now. It’s amazing. I love being a Scorpio woman!

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  37. So true!
    I am such a beautiful bowl of complication that I am forever learning about myself.

    I want to love and be loved, yet I’m afraid to love. People can’t be trusted!

    Though I’m surrounded by family and friends who “probably” care about me, I am often lonely. This baffles me too

    I love completely or have several flings which I end and start at the blink of an eye. I am destructive when single.

    Above all I’m passionate about life and love
    And I want no need a man who will take charge and dominate me without abusing his power and at the same time treat me like the queen that I am!

  38. soooo accurate! I’m a Nov 14 Scorpio and I approve this post

  39. Eyes are so strong that I can feel the person in front of me. It is so strong that I can’t even explain it logicly. I have to think about something else before I become intrusing…

  40. actually most of the ppl were afraid of my eyes lol so i wear glasses most of the time

  41. Iam a scorpion lady with very beautifull eyes. very attractive personality. but iam not finding a true love. I red some where that it is difficult for scorpion girl to find true love. is it so?

  42. Somebody mentioned about their gut feeling, always listening to it and being right. I totally agree! But I don’t listen to it even though I know my gut feeling is right? If I do it feels like I am going against something, like I am doing something wrong.. It’s hard to explain, I don’t know how to put it in words properly.. Anyone else knows what I’m talking about??

  43. Well I am a scorpio girl..
    I am not attached o anyone…
    I can detach from anyone pretty easily.
    And as far as the eye thing is concerned .. Its true .

  44. Very true, proud to be a scorpio 🙂 with magnetic eyes and 6th sense

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  47. Everybody always tells me i look mad and Im not Im really nice they tell me i look mean. I have small slanted asain inspired eyes. My aries bf tells me how he doesn’t like when i look into his eyes or stare him down because he feels like Im looking into soul. I also feel like i attract other scorpios/libras/capricorns.

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  52. Ok well yes i am a Scorpio (nov. 2) for the most i am a true Scorpio they have pretty much got us down to a T hard to read but good readers loyal passionate jealous vindictive awesome people to be around, i personally love being a Scorpio… Now the fun part my boyfriend and future husband is a Scoripo (oct. 26th) as well and when i say a scorpio-scoripo is the most intense thing ever i mean it, i have never in my life felt so much passion and intensity in my life, the feeling of getting what i give and put into a relationship is so amazing it gets to be pretty overwhelming we are both the giving and never give up and wet put are all in, and the sexual stand point the whole universe stops existing while two bodys and souls intertwine fuse together as one for what seems to last a life time, it is truly amazing…. In closing…. I love being a Scoripo…

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  54. What do you do when you have been married to a Scorpio for 25 yeas and you have no problem telling them to look you in the eyes when you want to see into the windows of their soul? What do u do when u call them on the carpet for being cruel right after awesome sex? What do you do when your Scorpio husband is selfish and all u want is a relationship based on trust and truth that is transparent and intimate and sacrificial? You give it to God, because a 3 strand is not easily broken.

  55. N se A soul residing in scorpio’s energy is no easy task. There’s a lot of turbulence that you must overcome. We must learn not to dwell in self pity

  56. A soul residing in scorpio’s energy is no easy task. There’s a lot of turbulence that you must overcome. We must learn not to dwell in self pity seld doubt past hurts. We must learn to accept criticism for it is that person’s own opinion and if we don’t accept their word as our truth it won’t be. Remind you the sign of scorpio is in itself a negative one so it is very easy to get drowned in all the negative energy that surrounds you. We have to channel the negative into a positive. Embrace the love the universe has for you. Let go and be free!!! I love being a scorpio 🙂

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