Aries first zodiacal sign                                                     Libra seventh zodiacal sign
March 21 – April 20                                                             September 23 – October 22
Quality: Cardinal                                                                  Quality: Cardinal
Mode: Intuition                                                                    Mode: Thought, Sensation
Taurus second zodiacal sign                                              Scorpio eighth zodiacal sign
April 21 – May 21                                                                 October 23 – November 21
Quality: Fixed                                                                       Quality: Fixed
Mode: Sensation                                                                   Mode: Feeling
Gemini third zodiacal sign                                                   Sagittarius ninth zodiacal sign
May 22 – June 21                                                                   November 22 – December 21
Quality: Mutable                                                                    Quality: Mutable
Mode: Thought                                                                      Mode: Intuition
Cancer fourth zodiacal sign                                                 Capricorn tenth zodiacal sign
June 22 – July 22                                                                    December 22 – January 20 
Quality: Cardinal                                                                    Quality: Cardinal 
Mode: Feeling                                                                         Mode: Sensation  
Leo fifth zodiacal sign                                                           Aquarius eleventh zodiacal sign  
July 23 – August 23                                                                January 21 – February 19  
Quality: Fixed                                                                         Quality: Fixed  
Mode: Intuition                                                                       Mode: Thought   
Virgo sixth zodiacal sign                                                       Pisces twelfth zodiacal sign
August 24 – September 22                                                      February 20 – March 20
Quality: Mutable                                                                      Quality: Mutable
Mode: Sensation, Thought                                                       Mode: Feeling

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