Love Quotes 2

Make Love

Take a bunch of longing looks
now blanche in
honeyed time.

Blend with a
little laughter
and a cup of
moonlit wine.

Add a pinch
of mystery
with a tender
loving touch.

Crumble in
some kisses
and a tablespoon
of lust.

Gently simmer
it in music,
slowly stir with
a loving dance.

Whisk in a
million heartbeats
and serve up a
sweet romance.

– Paul Kavanagh –


Love’s wild storm
In a breeze,
Mysterious whispers…
Falling on trees.

Leaves, a canopy
A shield for hearts,
Feathery F
L, I… F
Rhapsody to me imparts.

– Written and owned by Mia Middonte –

Love is a present,
so open it happily.

– Sepatu Usang –

Love is a mirror
it sees and reflects back…

It even has the ability
to show you sides of yourself
that you never knew existed…

And if love is true
every side is your best side.

– ZaMar Mbatha –

Look not for beauty
Nor whiteness of skin
But look for the heart
That is loyal within

For beauty may fade
And white skin grow old
But the heart that is loyal
Will never grow cold

– Marie Davis –

No dreams can compare to the reality I have with you.

– M. Pellowski –

The spaces between your fingers were created
so that another’s could fill them in.

– Author Unknown –

Poetry is the song of the heart, molded by the mind.

– Roger W. Hancock –


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