Social Network and Facebook

Nowadays, having an FB account is essential just like having your mobile phone. And FB, being one of the social network ever existed for us, becoming stronger, popular and addictive each day.
Lots of things you can do with Facebook. You can keep in touch with your family and friends, search for your long lost friends, family, lover, etc.
You can also become a social network stalker through FB. (if the person allow you to view their wall and all..)
Whatever it is, whether you think FB is good or not, still it brings goodness to some people and badness to some too.
Those who do not have FB account,well what can I say, start register now or you will be left behind, not knowing what your friends and family are up to…
Having that mentioned, even your friends and family update their status or share with you things that just happen to them, if you  still do not bother with what is happening, hurmmm then please delete your FB account!! is true!!
Urmm..that is all for now on social network…


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