Why am I feeling this?

Basically, people do understand that each individuals have their own understandings and own perspective  on every single thing in this world. However, people also said that we see things and understand things based on what we want not as what it is…

hurmmm… how do i go about this. At this 31 years of age, i now can understand many things. It is still up to me whether I want to accept it or maybe just ignore it. Again, people say that ignorance is a bliss. But actually ignorance makes people suffer.

I learn a lot all these years… Mostly in life and relationships. Friendship, family and love. Hate and forgiveness. But still, I am not satisfied. There are many things that makes me what I am today. At work, I’m kinda different person, at home of course different character as well.

What I really want is to be happy. Happy in a sense that i am able to do anything that I wish to do without causing any trouble to anyone.

Just waiting for the heart to be filled again….


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