The FEVER feeling…

Mom always scold me when I came back late hanging out with friends…

U wanna know why??

Coz, normally the next day I will complain that I’m not feeling well.. (rasa mcm nak demam la mak!!)

Then mom will normally answered…”Tu la sapa soh balik pepagi buta!!”

Haha…last nite I went back late…so late…5am! Went to Kuala Selangor to hang out wif my beloved friends…

And now, I rasa mcm nak demam.. badan not feeling good…

But now I’m living on my own… mak takde..uwaaaaaaaaaaa…

Eventhough my mom lives nearby.. still i have to drive to get there.. and driving now is not going to happen.. 😛

Gotta fetch my lil bro at KL Central soon… arrghhh malasnya!!!

But the best part is, i gotta drive his FAIRLADY!! yeahh!!!


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