In LOVE or NOT in LOVE??

yeap.. as i mentioned in my previous entry, i have someone new in my life…

and yes, we are in love… or am i??? haha.. i guess i’m still in a state of my very own confusion…

what i really wanted for now is to settle down and get married…

have i found my mr. right?? have i found my true love??

well i can consider that if i am at 25 years old… but now i’m at 31!! kinda desperado though… haha!!!

but what’s important is that i can find someone that can take care of me and guide me in life…

any extra advantages i would welcome…

my relationship?? so far so good…even i’m not used to few things.. but trying to adjust it…

pray hard that i will get married this 2010 itself!!!!

Till then… i love you pa!!!


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