Letting him GO!!!

It’s been 4 months since he left me with no answers on what’s going on between us. So I assume that he don’t want me anymore..
That’s what he wants anyway..
But we still met.. at least once a month..
and the big BUT is I still can’t forget him. Still, I’m the one who call him. bla bla bla…
Until today, since our last two meetings, he gave me signals that he already has someone else.
Someone who bought him his favourite watch, and i notice he got new pants.. DOCKERS!!! new necklace but the design exactly like mine… duhh!!!
Maybe I should let him go now… since all these things only make me hurt deeply inside…
My Allah bless me always… Ya Allah, give me strength!!!


One thought on “Letting him GO!!!

  1. who is the guy?
    time to move and find new love i guess dear.
    take care!

    (kena masuk full email, url???)

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