Friends and Relationships

Having friends is among the relationships that we have in our life. But some relationships must me made known of its purposes.
For example, if a guy wanna be your friend; then you must determine what type of friend he’ll be. Either, he’ll be your buddy, your hang out friend or he might ask you out for a date etc etc…..
In order for you to determine what type of friend this guy will be, you need to ‘read’ this guy and I cannot teach you how to do it. You must explore it yourself!! haha
However, same goes to a girl friend to be. You must get to know what kind of friend she will be to you.
Based on my experience nowadays, I discover that we do not have manual for all these but we gonna get it anyway based on our experiences through friends and relationships.
So, do not be afraid to explore, to do trial and error. Good or bad life experience is priceless. Believe me.
Enuf said….


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