Take me as I am not as What you want me to be….

People always say that we see what we want to see. Is that true? I guess somehow it has a truthness there as we actually see through our brain and our eyes are the medium for us to see.

Am i right?? Haha.. however, in a relationship we tend to make our partner behave or dress or becoming a person of what we want. Instead of accepting he or she as they are, sometimes without us realizing it, we started to complain the way they talk, walk, eat, dress up and the list goes on and on…

These are what I meant by not realizing that we indirectly trying to change our partner according to what we want. Some people have a strong intention to change their partner but some not purposely doing it.

There are some situation whereby certain people really take their own sweet time to accept and understand their partner. And some can just accept their partner as they are not as what they want them to be…

Whatever it is, be grateful if you already met your perfect partner and if you have not, pray hard…..

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