I Hate You, I Hate You NOT!!!

Most of the times, during a fight or small quarrel or some misunderstanding situation, we don’t mean what we said. We were angry at that time and sometimes don’t realize what came out from our mouth.

Have you ever experience this? I know I have…..

We tend to say things that may hurt the other person’s feelings and end up wih no solution but more anger.

This is unhealthy. Yes I know, easy for me to say than doing it. But the reality is we never really HATE the person that we quarrel with but instead we LOVE them dearly and that is why we can’t stand it when they do something wrong or against us!!!


’nuff said…..


One thought on “I Hate You, I Hate You NOT!!!

  1. yeah, i agree…one thing i learned that dont say any word when your mad or angry that you might regret…because we might lose our self control at that very moment and we may utter a words that we dont mean….better step away and let yourself cool down…

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