Love & Relationship

This is a very interesting topic to discuss and will be a long ones.

But what I really want to share with you guys is that not every person will get married or having a relationship for the sake of love.

Love is a very subjective thing to explain. It does not has its own specific meaning as each individual understand LOVE in their own ways. However, generally, LOVE is a feeling that makes us show to the other person how we really care for them, how we miss them, how we appreciate them, how our world turn upside down because of them and the list goes on….

Some people are so paranoid when we it comes to LOVE but some are just accepting LOVE as it is..

What about you? What say you on this??

I will write more on LOVE and Relationship of course, but as for now, I’ll stop here…

One thought on “Love & Relationship

  1. Yes. Love is a very interesting topic which evokes a huge variety of sentiments..
    Love is the one subject which people have more than enough to talk about!
    Love is something really wonderful and painful, at the same time.. It can be found and lost in a moment. It can be pondered upon, discussed, argued about, talked about for hours and hours and still doesn’t find a conclusion…

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