Friends For LIFE!!

I remember when I was in secondary school, during school holidays, my mom always scold me for getting up late everyday.

But one thing she herself felt amazed by my behavior is that I can wake up early in the morning just to get ready going out with friends. I am willing to wait for bus to meet my friends but I am too lazy to get up in a morning to do house chores and what not….

Haha..typical me…

During school times, as I was in boarding school, friends are the only family that I have..Even until now, my school friends are the group of friends that I finally end up hanging out with… Not to say that I don’t appreciate other friends that I know , but my school friends..hurm… they know me better. We grew up together!!

But whatever it is, I love my friends. Love them to the bone!! Feel like mentioning their names but it will make this blog long then…

Friends for Life!! Muahs!!


One thought on “Friends For LIFE!!

  1. Love you too, dearest Ibu!!!

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