Eyes and Soul

I was watching ASTRO movies last night and in 2 seperate movies I heard the same lines…


Isn’t that ironic?

Hmmm..what i really wanna share with you is that..that saying or statement or whatsoever, in a way, it is somewhat true.

What is ‘shown’ in your eyes can really reflect what’s in your heart…

You will show your sad eyes when you’re sad…your eyes shine when you’re happy and the “worry” eyes.. hurmm… this one not every people can see it..but some gifted person can see whether you’re worried or having doubts…

I might be wrong but some people are good at hiding their feelings and some are just like an open book…

I have a friend who told me I’m like an open book….haha.. he can read my mind and know what’s in my head..

That shows how he knows me… and sometimes when you are having a relationship with someone for a long time… he or she can read your mind very well… so much on psychology huh… anyway it’s true…

And don’t forget..your friend is a reflection of yourself… dangerous?? yes it is…

So, if your eyes are the windows to your soul, then other people can see the real you..unless you’re hiding it..

What i believe… no matter what kind of person he or she is, they can’t hide their feelings at all times.. right??


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