Knowing a person…

How do you normally behave in front of a person that you just met? Did you try to show the best of you or showing your true colors or pretend to behave like somebody else?

What i observe, normally when meeting a new person or a group of people, we tend to reserve ourself at first. Then, when we find that person have the same ‘wavelength’ like yourself only then we slowly show ourselves. How caring you are..or maybe how arrogant you are!!!  😛

It depends actually how we behave with certain types of individuals. Believe me, either we realize it or not we do act differently with different types of people. Or at least I know i do!!

It is not a well-planned thingy for us to behave or act or maybe respond differently, it just happen without us realizing it. Am I right??!

That’s why sometimes when you first meet a person, you can get along with them easily or sometimes after a few meetings or maybe a few hours you and that new person can get along very well. But certain people can get along very well with every new person he or she met for the very first time!!!

This is what I call it as a positive aura or positive attitude that we have. Even though you just met this person for the first time but you and that person act as if you’ve known each other for a long time. I salute to this kind of person. I do admit that I am approachable but when meeting a new people, I tend to study them first… Bad habit huh…

What ever it is, meeting a new person or meeting your own friends, it is best to be yourself and at the same time respect each other, understand each other and have fun!!!

Enuf said…

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