We all know, with no doubt that each individuals are different from each other. We have different opinions, different thoughts, different taste in things and what not…

But still, we do not appreciate and understand all these differences. Still we keep on arguing, blaming each other, have this feeling of jealousy plus all those negative impacts of not ‘accepting’ differences amongst us.

People might say that I’m still young (gonna be 30 next year, gosh!) , but I feel I have seen so many things that can make me understand and conclude yet still observing lots of things in this world.

I know that not only me but all of us like to observe people’s behaviour. Maybe not 100% but the tendency is there. As I mentioned earlier, we know the fact that we have differences. Some people can understand and accept it but I bet even they accept and understand the differences, still the unsatisfied feeling will always be there.

It is our nature to have all these kind of feelings. My friends like to come to me and tell their problems. And to their and also to my surprise, I gave good advices!! Sometimes, oh no, all the time, people got caught up in their own thoughts (bad ones) when it comes to love, family and work. Wait a minute, that’s LIFE! Haha…

Try to look back and think why things happen. I like to start to solve things by looking at the source of the problem. Why it happened and how not to make it worse.

Till then …adios amigos!!!


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